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Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Dominique Rietzler

Interférences is a colourful exhibition bringing together a collection of oeuvres produced over a period of two years by Basel based French artist Dominique Rietzler.

I meet the artist at his show's preview at the Praxis Gallery, Basel and manage to snatch a quiet moment with him to gather a few insights into his thinking.

The works are based on a highly specific technique that brings a consistency across the series whilst allowing a diversity to emerge. With rake-like tools to scrape paint across the surface, Rietzler generates perfectly formed geometric lines which orchestrate a harmony of shapes, thicknesses and colour. In the process, small variations of hues emerge resulting in highly balanced line-based compositions that boast an almost mathematical precision.

Dominique Rietzler

Japanese pastels are a favoured medium to achieve colours that exude depth whilst appearing to vibrate. A variety of surfaces including paper, wood, canvas and metal, depending on how he feels, contributes to the wealth of colours within colours and moods within moods. I particularly like the pieces on wood and the contrast of black and florescent green. It’s always important to have balance and depth, he tells me. "The paintings have to invite you in."

What is his inspiration for the geometric paintings I wonder? Well depth and movement is his answer. His works I learn, are a statement on life's perpetual motion. Certainly the accurate lines impose a calm, and in a world that shifts and shakes perilously, I experience an intriguing yin and yang moment.

Dominique Rietzler

Interférences shows at the Praxis Gallery, Bäumleingasse 9, Basel, 4051 until 19th November 2023. For further information contact Cyril Kazis, tel +41 793206023. or email



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