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Catalonian setting hosts contemporary extravaganza

Jordi Estivill

If you happen to be in Catalonia, Spain, in October, you simply must visit the wonderful medieval town of Castello d’Empuries. I just spent a short holiday there and over the next few days, art lovers are in for a treat.

Karme G. Dapena

The 16th ‘Ruta del’Art’, is a four-day art celebration in which colour bursts on to the narrow, cobbled streets, squares, buildings and edifices of this charming municipality. Nested in Alt Empordà, just nine kilometres east of Figueres, the settlement offers a theatrical stage for the ecclectic mix of contemporary paintings, photography and sculptures on display.

Josep M. Coronas Massa

Eighteen sites including the magnificently preserved 13th century church, medieval bridge and city walls play host to hundreds of artworks, making it the biggest art show in the region. Indeed, the exhibition includes more than one hundred and twenty local, regional, national and internationally recognised artists, a tremendous feat since its inception in 2008.

Talking about her inspiration, founder Anna M Castanseu highlights the special experience of viewing contemporary art in an atmospheric medieval context. The show runs until 15th October 2023. And if you miss it, there's always next year!

Asier Pizac

For further information contact:

Ruta del'Art

17486 Castelló d'Empúries - Girona

615 577 038

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