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Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Extract from 'Daddy's Little Helpers' by Jodok Wehrli (2022)

I attended the opening of this eclectic contemporary art exhibition, cleverly staged by the Nomad Design & Lifestyle Hotel, Basel and curated by Dorian Orlando Weber. In its second year and set to become an annual event, the show brought together nine young artists from different backgrounds and perspectives.

Interestingly, the works are displayed in the bedrooms over three floors, allowing the visitor a casual meander in and out of the rooms to take in each installation.

What I see is a strong connection between the works - a conviction, a protest, a parody, a rejection - all reactions to some of the today's biggest dilemmas, dangers and discourses.

Tilll Langschied for example depicts our insatiable lust for technology that fuels unsustainable 'extraction capitalism'. Although unfulfilling in its destiny, the allure of technology is ever shimmering and seductive.

Sophie Yerly rejects the rules that rob us from our power of self-expression and identity. Are we brave enough to stand up for who we are? For the installation, no nails are permitted, yet the evidence is there that the rules have been transgressed.

Yu Chunju juxtaposes the tranquil perfection of a hotel room with piles of packaging waste produced by our consumer society. Are we becoming the trash that we create?

Anina Müllera presents a humorous reenactment of the proverbial Prince Charming tale, who, rescuing the damsel in distress, rides off with her into a tantalising sunset. In so doing, Müllera's dialogue playfully contradicts behavioural gender stereotypes.

Extract from Anina Müller's 'Don't Look at the Sun' (2022)

And Jodok Wehrli through his hypnotic sound and motion graphics, challenges society’s addiction to the pursuit of constant improvement. Are we in a monotonous circle? Going beyond oneself, I’m totally up for. Obsessive perfection, I’m totally not!

This is a generation that is finding its voice. Art serves as the perfect porte-parole.

Catch it while you can. It shows until 24 April 2022. For further information contact the Nomad Design & Lifestyle Hotel, Basel. BRUNNGÄSSLEIN 8, CH - 4052 BASEL

© Copyright Hazel Clarke 2022


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