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Updated: Jul 3, 2023

I dropped in at the HeK (House of Electronic Arts) based in Basel to check out their Swiss Media Arts exhibition. The show, featuring the work of 2021 Pax Award Winners Marc Lee, Chloé Delarue and Laurent Grüdel totally stole my afternoon and I'm so pleased it did.

The works throw a critically reflective light on some of today's most relevant and

challenging topics - such as over-fishing and ocean acidification, the destruction

of animal habitats and the alarming extinction of species.

In one of Marc Lee's works, visitors are invited to glimpse 30 years ahead via a mobile app to discover how technologies may help overcome the acute ecological crisis. In another, viewers can navigate the unchartered territories of a virtual world inside the human body where one encounters various cells, fungi and other organisms.

Chloé Delarue shines a light on our vulnerabilities in the face of advertising through her billboard and goat's head piece.

Laurent Güdel's electronic compositions visualise the sound waves that inhabit our environment, creating for the visitor an immersive audio visual experience.

There are thirteen works on display by these talented emerging arts. Go visit!

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