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Updated: Apr 23

Credit: Henri Deparade

Anticipation is high as I look forward to another gem at the Anja Edith Brinckmann Gallery. Basel!

From 20 April to 31 May 2024, visitors can experience 'BEGENUNGEN', a coveted show that fuses art and humanity. .

The occasion reunites two renowned artists after a ten-year gap since their previous creative duet. German painter Henri Deparade and Swiss sculptor Paul Louis Meier converge with a shared focus on the act of being people. We are in for a treat!

In his colourful paintings, Henri Deparade traces bodies in the imaginary pictorial space of ancient myths. The etherial overlapping of colour and lines create a dance of intrigue and delight. 

Paul Louis Meier captures human nature in figures fashioned from plaster and bronze, They emerge as sculptural events, a grouping of figurines each telling a silent story and capturing a moment frozen in time.

Credit: Paul Louis Meier

Together, the artists achieve an aesthetic consensus, a whispered pact. Their treaty heralds the bodily structure of our species, whilst depicting our minds' emotional depth and existential experience. In a cacophony of diversity and differences, it is such moments of coming together that we spectators, freed for a moment to pause and reflect, are reminded of what it is to be human. This is the power of art that hums a silent spell of enchantment and connects our souls.

For further information contact the Anja Edith Brinckmann Gallery

Neuweilerstr.. 11, CH - 4054 BASEL

M +41 76 818 47 57

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Apr 20
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This is interesting. I would like to see it!

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