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Updated: Mar 24

Photo credit: Cyril Kazis

I had the good fortune to meet an artist who in the tapestry of talent, weaves not only splendid fabric but also a rich narrative of dedication.  I am of course talking about Noémi Speiser, a living legend in the world of textile arts, and, at 97 years of age, stands as an undisputed luminary, revered for her meticulous exploration of textile techniques.

Throughout history, people have spun, braided and woven threads, and Noémi ’s tenacious pursuit to unravel their secrets, has uncovered these hidden wisdoms for the world to behold.  

A witness to time, a scientist and educator, Noémi has tirelessly explored the creative process, the materials, the hands, the knowledge, and the creativity behind each stitch and loop.

Now, for the first time, her legacy takes centre stage in a comprehensive exhibition at the Praxis Gallery, Basel, in Switzerland. This showcase goes beyond mere documentation, featuring photographs, documents and analyses. Additionally, drawings and original research objects, each with artistic resonance, grace the gallery.

At the heart of it all lies her latest work, “An Annotated Classification of Textile Techniques,” and freshly published by Haupt Verlag. As we step into her world of woven threads, it feels like an artistic pilgrimage is upon us, a testament to a lifetime spent weaving threads of knowledge of this craft into the fabric of eternity.

If you want to experience the magic woven by this remarkable Grande Dame of textile arts, I recommend this exhibition.

Exhibition from 16-23 March

Praxis Galerie

Baumleingasse 9

CH, 4051, Basel

Tel +41 79 320 60 23

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Mar 14
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