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Updated: Apr 17

Credit:Alexandre Manuel courtesy of Anja Edith Brinckmann Gallery

I am eagerly looking forward to my visit to the upcoming “Dialogue” exhibition at the Anja Edith Brinckmann Gallery in Basel. And why because it promises to capture a scintillating interplay between the work of two very distinct artists.

When the art of Alexandre Manuel, a master of geometric landscapes, intertwines with the visual reality crafted by Peter Gospodinov, a spirited dialogue ensues. The monochromatic allure of Manuel's photographs and the fiery cacophony of red in Gospodinov's paintings create a fascinating reciprocity of colours, vitality and serenity.

Manuel's photography navigates through geometric landscapes, capturing the essence of his surroundings with a focus on contrast, texture, and rhythm. Amidst a world saturated with superficial noise and emotion, he deliberately champions understated aesthetics, immortalising the poise of nature in his travels to Japan, China, Vietnam, and Iceland. His work has been lauded with numerous awards, including the International Photography Award (IPA) multiple times.

As the gallerist founder Anja Brinckmann beautifully expressed, "His work is very inspiring and invites you to fall back into yourself. In contrast to our loud world, its quietness is magic."

Gospodinov's art, while not exclusively abstract, delves into a visual reality that constantly redefines perception.

Credit:Peter Gospodinov. Courtesy of Anja Edit Brinckmann Gallery

His paintings, rich in the myriad nuances of the colour red, explore the entire spectrum of emotions associated with the hue from love and passion to anger and hatred. Gospodinov's multi-layered language of art weaves a compelling narrative, testing the intersection between surface and soul as he meticulously crafts his pieces, often allowing them to evolve through pauses in his creative process.

On Gospodinov, Brinckmann poignantly remarked, "From intense red tones to soft shades, his work touches every human emotion."

I’ve glimpsed the artworks on screen and can’t wait to see them in person.


Exhibition from February 03-22 March 2024

Anja Edith Brinckmann Gallery

Neuweilerstrasse 11, CH 4054, Basel

Opening hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 15.00-18.00, Saturday 11.00-15.00

By appointment at any time. Tel: +41 76 818 47 57

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